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Get production customized for your vocals

Get beats made similar to beats you hear on our site, only better

Get rights to sell, perform, whatever, 100% royalty-free!

All for a price YOU SET!  

That is right.  You set the budget, and we will give you the best for that budget!

You will get:

High-Quality mp3 file

High-quality separated 24-bit wav files

Signed Contract

Signed contract (view sample contract)

Discounts on Mixing and Mastering and other services

Personalized service

Free Song Feedback (new)

Guarantee you are happy with your production

Check out samples of what our customers have received!

Studio production

Live production

Mixed production

Hook with production

Here is the step-by-step process:

High-Quality mp3 file

Tell us how you want your production using our form.  We will email you back to agree on the project.

Signed Contract

Pay half of the budget you set (we will email you an invoice); then give us 2-5 business days to produce the first sample, after which we will modify until you are happy with your production.

Discounts on Mixing and Mastering and other services

Pay the remaining balance and receive your production tracked as wav files along with a signed contract!

Get Unlimited License Now!  We proudly have a 100% Customer Satisfaction record and are looking forward to making you another happy customer!


Fill and submit the following form. We will respond back in 1 business day.

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