Lease vs. Exclusive

Lease Rights is another phrase for "Nonexclusive license".  With lease rights, you have the unlimited rights to perform, broadcast, and generally use the beat for profit without owing us royalties (you keep 100% of everything!).  Lease rights are shared with other artists (typically no more than a few), which means the beat remains on the site for other artists.  Lease rights last forever, so the beat can never be purchased exclusively.  Lease rights come with the 320kps mp3 (highest quality) and the 24-bit wav file (DVD quality sound).  Your lease rights contract is viewable online once you buy them.  You can make millions of dollars with leasing rights and not owe us a cent over the upfront $19.99 cost.  

Exclusive Rights is another phrase for "Exclusive license".  With exclusive rights, you get the same rights as lease rights except you are the EXCLUSIVE rights holder.  No other artist can buy rights to the beat and the beat is removed permanently from the website.  In addition to the high quality mp3 and wav, you have the option of getting the separated wav files (each instrument on a separate wav file) at checkout.   Again, you can make millions of dollars with exclusive rights and not owe us a cent over the upfront cost, which we keep way below industry standard price.

The New Monthly Exclusive License is just like the regular Exclusive License, except you're paying for monthly use (subscription service, not a monthly payment plan). This allows you to pay only for the time you use the beat, and you can cancel anytime! You can essentially hold a beat with this option. Go to to get an exclusive beat using the Monthly Exclusive License.

If you need additional assistance about rights, feel free to contact us at

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